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Synopsis Drama Korea baru Coffe House


* Title: 커피하우스 / Coffee House
* Previously known as: 페이지 원 / Page One
* Genre: Romance
* Episodes: TBA
* Broadcast network: SBS
* Broadcast period: 2010-May to TBA
* Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55


"Coffee House" covers the life of young & successful Seo Eun-Young Park Si-Yeon. Eun-Young is the owner of a successful franchise cafe "Coffee Page One", as well as the CEO of a publishing company. In the romantic-comedy, Seo Eun-Young encounters Lee Jin-Soo (Kang Ji-Hwan), a successful writer. Jin-Soo has published consecutive best sellers. The pair enters into a strange relationship ....


* Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo
* Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young
* Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon
* Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won
* Ahn Kil Kang as Seung Yeon's dad
* Kim Ji Young as Seung Yeon's grandmother
* Jung Soo Young as Oh Hyun Joo
* Park Jae Jung as Kim Dong Wook
* Jin Sung (진성) as Park Young Chul
* Lee Soon Jae
* Heo Tae Hee
* Jung Joon Ho (cameo, ep1-2)

Cast Character

Lee Jinsoo (32years old/Author)/Kang Ji Hwan

Succeeded author who writes several best-selling books in his early ages. Everybody likes him as he has good manner. Of course, he has good manner, kind, humorous. But, Just a few people know that he makes more smile if he feels bad, shows more courtesy if he doesn’t like some person, spends more money if he want to leave place more early. Actually, he is very hard to please, for example even a cup of coffee, there is no café to make him satisfied with. So, he studies himself how to make coffee, then, he only drinks his own coffee. Why this kind of difficult person keep contracts with just one publishing company? The reason is Eunyoung who is difficult to deal with just like him. When Eunyoung, who is workaholic and perfectionist, push him to finish the job early, though he shows temper, he still believes her ability. That’s why their relation can continue.

By chance, he happens to enter some shabby coffee shop in suburb. The name of coffee shop ”Palace” also makes him uncomfortable. It’s amateur name. Surely, the coffee shop is far from professionalism including ballista. The ballista looks like jobless person at first sight. But, by some absurd reason, Jinsoo happen to hire her as a secretary. Frankly speaking, he doesn’t need secretary. At first time, he doesn’t expect anything from her. Only thing he expects is that she doesn’t bother him. But, this country girl want to be real secretary of him. Do you want to be real professional person? Then, I will make you.

Kang Seungyun (25 years old. Daughter of coffee shop “Palace” /Candidate of test for 9th grade local governmental official)/Ham Eun Jung

She say modestly “ I am a average Korean woman in twenties”. But, to say frankly, she is under average. There is no sign that her life turn to be bright. But, she still doesn’t know the real world. So, she doesn’t know there will be no sign of good news to her life. But she lives positively while dreaming that some day she can pass the governmental official test.

She has spent life like that before Jinsoo appear in front of her at the coffee shop “Palace” which is falling down. The only person who can make “Espresso” in this shop, Seo Eunyoung, happen to feel attractiveness to Jinsoo’s kindness, then without deep thinking, directly become a Jinsoo’s secretary by friend’s recommendation.
At the first time, she taught she can start her career as a right hand of famous author, but, Jinsoo has extra-ordinary personality which she never met before.
“If you can’t, devote yourself to the last energy. That’s the way of professional” That is Jinsoo’s sophistry. But, anyway, why I must do this? Without any chance of protest, her life is already involved with Jinsoo. Get into the mud together with me, it’s not my fault. It’s you who hire me. She thinks she is academic girl, but actually, it is not. She acts first before thinking. She always regrets after accident happen. One good thing for her is that she catches the meaning of happening after she takes hard time.

Seo Eunyoung (31 years old, President of publishing company/Owner of “Café Page One”)/Park Si Yeon

President of best publishing company in Korea. The publishing company which was established by her grandfather inherited to her after her father died. She enlarged the company size, and entered book-café business, then made it to nation-wide franchise. Indeed, she is now on the way of success. She is sexy also and frequently visits foreign country. She smiles herself while dreaming her picture is showed in Time magazine cover page as a most success woman in the world. She has a few things to hate-cat, exercise, ex-fiance and Jinsoo. Jinsoo is representative author of her company. Then, they work together. Both have same thinking, that is, only kind but incapable person is most hatred. So, even though they don’t like each other, they believe each other’s ability. But, Eunyoung always think this is unfair - both has bad personality, then why other person think Jinsoo is good man while Eunyoung is some kind of bad witch.

Now, their uncertain relation-friends or enemy? – faces extra ordinary situation. The first thing, the ex-fiance of her whom she hates more than Jinsoo moved to next building to ‘Café Page One”. Then he talk non sense ‘ Let’s start our love affair again” The second thing, Jinsoo’s new secretary, something strange, her presence make Eunyoung uncomfortable. Now, Jinsoo’s boring humor sounds funny and his working style becomes curious to her.

Han Jiwon (36 years old, Consulting company director / Ex-fiance of Eunyoung) / Jung Woong In.

He think himself that , though bad fate disturbed their relation, his soul partner is Eunyoung. Fatal love between them must be finished as a happy ending. As a born rich person, good appearance, he feels the world move around him. The break-off with Eunyoung is actually that he showed interests in a friend of Eunyoung. But, he still think that Eunyoung is too jealousy and doesn’t understand male’s inner feeling. So, after break-off, he stayed Hongkong to earn time to smooth his wounded mind, then, he decided to forgive Eunyoung, then back to Seoul.

As he is a management consultant, he sees everything as a efficiency and figures. That means, he is very realistic and conscious man. So, he doesn’t understand Jinsoo, the style of artist. He doubts Jinsoo maybe gay. He is sure Eunyoung still love him, so he usually approaches Eunyoung directly and he doesn’t know how she hate that style. He only thinks it’s why Eunyoung is too shy. His style to approach Eunyoung is like this : After he inspects “Café Page One’s financial status” secretly, then makes 10 page reports, then gives presentation to Eunyoung saying Café will bankrupt next year if her management style is not changed. Of course, Eunyoung hate this style. It’s very strange for him that Eunyoung doesn’t thank to him and accept. The more strange thing is that, why Eunyoung smile to Jinsoo while frown to him. Before, it was me whom Eunyoung love, and Jinsoo whom she most hated.

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